Introduction to ESR KOL

ESR, a global registered brand, continuously provides customized, colorful and fashionable digital protective products to every consumer with reliable and premium quality. KOL is abbreviation for Key Opinion Leaders. The ESR KOL program is designed for gathering a group of trendsetting cewebrities in multiple social networks to Fully Test our products and/or Help Attract Attention to ESR Fun by sharing our links to your social media channels. Through all of these actions, you have access to many amazing gifts in ESR Points Mall.

Benefits of being a member of ESR KOL

•Free or heavily discounted products for you to have a trial test.

•Huge Discounted Coupon Code: Customized coupon code only for you to post and share with your friends.

•Birthday Privileges: Exclusive offer with extra 30 ESR Points and customized surprising gifts, etc.

•Monthly Lottery of Roulette: Being awarded with Amazing Gifts!

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3 simple steps to join:

1. Click "Sign Up NOW" below and fill out the form.

2. You could apply for exclusive huge discounts to from the trial offer list by clicking on the button 'Want'.

3. And then submit your order number/add post links while logged in;

For more information, please visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to find out more.

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* ESR reserved the rights in adjusting or terminating the ESR KOL program (hereby ESR Key Opinion Leaders).

* ESR shall hold no liability towards any damages to personal electronics devices as a result of mishandling, misuse, lack of maintenance, etc.

* Once joined, members are responsible to complete all the steps unless noticed by ESR KOL team. Failure to complete the given assignment within the given time frame may result in termination from future participation.

* It is not an incentive program for product review. Product reviews on any third-party marketplace are welcome but not obligated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Your Profile Link?

Sample Profile link:

How do I know I am qualified for being a member of ESR KOL?

• Candidates shall be reliable, communicative, honest and constructive in composing posts, which requires a comprehensive and detailed test reports history on Amazon or platforms such as Blogger, YouTube, or other native forums, etc.

• Candidates shall have compatible device for requested product.

• Test reports shall be new, all original content and cannot be copied from other sources.

• Format of test reports could be in-depth articles with pictures and HD videos.

How to Award ESR Points for testing reports posted on Amazon?

• Texts only in 100 ~ 300 words --- 100 ESR points

• Texts with clear pictures or HD videos --- 150 ESR points

• Texts with clear pictures and HD videos --- 200 ESR points

• Being based on the frequency, quality and popularity of your test reports, extra 50% ESR points are available.

How to Gain more ESR Points?

• Signup as a member --- 100 ESR Points

• Complete profile information --- 30 ESR Points

• Add More Post on multiple social networks as requested (such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, Fancy, Reddit, etc):

> Text + Image --- 30 ESR Points

> Text + Link + Image --- 40 ESR Points

> Text + Video --- 50 ESR Points

> Text + Link + Video --- 60 ESR Points

• Select promotion subject and share your link by multiple social networks. For anyone who clicks your link, you'll receive the Points. (1 click equals to 1 ESR Point)

How to Redeem my Code?

• Follow the deal instructions or go to the promotion's "Here's how" page to go through Terms and Conditions.

• Enter the claim code on the Select a payment method page or on the Place Your Order page of the order form.

• Verify that a promotion code was successfully applied by checking your Order Confirmation e-mail or by going to Your Account.

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